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Business Engagement Model at Engineer Master Solutions LLC.

Since business needs vary from company to company based on individual setups, we provide you a range of business prototypes to match your requirements.

  • 1) Fixed Cost Model
    1. Range of possibilities
    2. Pricing that is fixed
    3. There is a distinct limit to scope
    4. Model recommended when assignment needs are quite precise and precise
    5. An assessment of a project would be made using typical methodologies over the delivery period with a tech stack
    6. Prior to the start of a project, the price is estimated along with stage-by-stage deadlines and delivery dates.
    7. Model with less risk
    8. We know technology, pricing, milestones, delivery in days, scope, and milestones
  • 2) Time & Material model
    1. Recommended when an assignment's needs are not precise enough and there are frequent changes throughout the process. Starting, middle, and completion phases.
    2. Business Analyst = 15%, Developer = 40%, Testers = 25%, Project Manager = 20%
    3. Based on the extent of experience, standard costs per hour for resources
  • 3) Mixed models
    1. We provide mixed models based on individual, project-specific scenarios. For instance, our best personnel can be involved in the preliminary scope and operational definition stage under Fixed Pricing model, and then transform this involvement to other types of models to suit your needs.
  • 4) FTE( Full Time Engagement)
    1. This can also be called "Hiring Dedicated Resource" since experience is measured in terms of years. People such as Business Analysts, Designers, Developers, Testers, and Project Managers fall into this category.
    2. Hourly rates as a standard
    3. The customer's needs are continually changing and expects a long-term relationship. For example, from product ideation to ongoing maintenance and support
    4. Sweet spot
    5. A complete overview of customers and their projects
    6. Unceasing support
    7. Our company can handle all your IT requirements, from design to development at every stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
    8. Providing support and maintenance
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