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Security Services

With fast effective technology growth in today’s life, having privacy and security has become a challenge. Security of data that are curated in everyday life is highly important from different aspects to help us to be in safety. Besides our personal data there exist big-data which is created by companies and safeguarding of this information is important for businesses. Like always, we challenge ourselves with this and help our clients either personal or business data to be in security using Expert Engineers.

Our security services are branched into 2 parts which are mentioned below:


Ensuring the security of your website or servers has become a big challenge for companies. While the security of producing data that is produced by both customers and businesses is vital. A good pentest can reveal to you the vulnerabilities of your systems, test your cyber-defense, prevent your system’s downtime which can cost you a lot to repair, and more importantly it can reserve your brands loyalty which comes from the trust of your clients which is because of safety of their information. Like always we take this challenge as our duty to help our clients either personal or business data to be in security using expert engineers. Our service consists of:

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • Methodology
      • OWASP
    • Test Approaches
      • Black box testing
      • Gray box testing
  • IOS and Android Application Penetration Testing
    • Methodology
      • OWASP
  • Network penetration testing
    • Network discovery: Detecting open ports, running services and installed software versions
    • Vulnerability scanning and missing security patches detecting


Assisting your servers to be safe from weakness which is known as security hardening is one of the many services to the clients. Hardening plays a crucial role in today’s personal and business life as far as we have become more dependent in the digital era. During this process, any unnecessary functionality of the system is eliminated and what is left is configured in a safe manner. So, you can use them safely. Hardening service consists of:

  • OS (Linux, windows)/li>
  • Services (known DBs, Web servers, etc.)


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